“I’ve had the pleasure of contracting with Janet DeBusk Hensley to be my real estate agent as both a seller and a buyer several times over the past few years. I highly recommend her to you for several reasons. Her professionalism from the beginning to the end of the process is impressive. Janet’s attention to detail in all aspects of the transaction help me on more than one occasion. Janet is very responsive and attentive to help with questions throughout the process. Her availability by phone, text, email, or even to meet in person further showers her dedication not serving her clients. She doesn’t pass you off to someone in her office. She makes it happen.
When listing to sell, Janet does an amazing job of capturing the home with great pictures and tells a compelling story with her description. When she helps me purchase a home, she covers all of the bases to help ensure that I’m not settling for something short of my ultimate goal.
With over twenty years’ experience in the area, her knowledge of the market is a valuable asset. Again, I highly recommend Janet.”

~ Steve Fultz, 2020

“Janet DeBusk Hensley is a top realtor who is a strong advocate for her clients. As a home inspector, I have appreciated how she works hard for her buyers and wants to make sure they get a good home that fits their needs and is in good condition and a good value. I highly recommend Janet DeBusk Hensley.”
~ Bert Hull, 2020

“Janet and her team are stellar. She was very flexible with our timeline and availability. She also has the local knowledge, experience and connections to make the process as painless and enjoyable as possible. Of the past 3 homes I’ve purchased this was the easiest from beginning to end. She also found us a local lender whose rates and service beat any I found with the banks I’ve used previously. 100% would do business with her again and no hesitation to recommend her to friends and family.
~ Ben Tyler, 2020

“Janet is a wonderful realtor to work with. She listed our home and it sold within 24 hours.
She is very knowledgeable of the Knoxville area market and what homes are for sale and what has sold. She truly has your best interest in mind and will get the most for your listing.”

~ Jan Hooks, 2020

“Janet is the best! She is very experienced and knowledgeable – always on top of every detail. Seriously, you in great hands with Janet as she works for you. I bought a home with her as my realtor 10 years ago, and I used her to buy a home recently, and she will be selling that first home. I can’t recommend her enough.”
~ Joe Eatherly, 2019

“Janet is the best to work with! She has helped our family sell two different homes. She communicated with us constantly regarding the listings, the showings, feedback from showings, etc. Janet is such a hard worker and promptly answers calls and texts. She is great to work with! Highly recommended!!”
~ Heidi Buxton, 2019

“Janet has worked with us on several transactions and she has been wonderful and very professional with them all. My favorite Janet story is from a friend we referred. They wanted to live in a certain neighborhood and there were no homes for sale! She made up a flyer and gave one to each homeowner in that neighborhood to see if anyone was interested in selling. There were and our friends got a home they love in the neighborhood they desired. Janet is a real go-getter.”
~ Tupper Baker, 2019

“I have purchased two houses and sold one using Janet. She has been exceptionally attentive and response to anything I needed. Her knowledge of the area is fantastic, and she helped guide me to sound purchases both times. Highly recommend her!”
~ Bob Sledzik, 2019

“Janet is a wonderful realtor with personal touch! Always getting right back to you with any questions.
Listens to what you are looking for and delivers! One of the best realtors we ever had.”

~ Brooke Jacobs, 2019

“Very professional. Detail oriented. Pleasure to work with. I would certainly use her services again.”
~ Jane Mocilac, 2019

“Janet is extremely professional!!!  Excellent presentation of marketing skills!”
~ Jane Wallace

“Janet made the process extremely simple.  A pleasure to work with.  Would gladly recommend to others!”
~ Jonathan Klein

“Janet was instrumental in our cross country move 8 years ago.  She spent many hours helping us make smart decisions and finding the right location and home.  Since that time Janet has helped in the process of building a custom home and in the purchase of a 150 year old farm house for a business.  She took great care and interest in all aspects of the search, purchase transactions and final closing.  I highly recommend Janet.”
~ Jodi & Terry Savage

“We listed with Janet after we had presentations by 4 local Realtors.  Her proposal was the most professional of the group and included specific marketing plans which were more comprehensive than her competitors.  The home was listed and within 18 days we had our first offer.  Within 28 days we had a contract to sell our home.  She worked with us to negotiate the best deal and masterfully assisted in resolving issues presented by the contingencies of the contract.  We closed within 30 days of signing the contract.  We have bought and sold many properties over the year and this is the most outstanding experience we have had with a Realtor!  We would highly recommend Janet to anyone who is looking to have a quick, pleasant and rewarding real estate transaction.”
~Jim & Michelle Valkeneer

“Janet DeBusk Hensley is an outstanding Realtor.  She sold our home much quicker than we thought possible.  Then, she helped us find a home in a short amount of time that suited our needs.  Janet was very patient with us throughout this process.  She is professional, thorough and hardworking.  No matter if you are selling your home or buying a home, we highly recommend her!  We always say that Janet is the hardest working person in real estate.”
~ Roger & Karen Gilbert

“We were becoming frustrated with the poor results our Realtor was producing so at the end of our contracted term and on the advice of a neighbor we switched to Gables & Gates, Realtors and met your Realtor, Janet DeBusk Hensley. She dressed and spoke more professionally, brought neighborhood comparisons as well as some great ideas for getting more showings. We signed a contract to allow Gables & Gates, Realtors to sell our home. Since that first visit Janet has literally changed the way we view Realtors. The level of service she provided us is sadly lost from so many companies and it was a surprise and relief to find Janet.”
~ Scott & Patricia Felegy

“We worked with Janet in both the buying and selling of our homes, and in all instances she demonstrated the same determination and commitment to ensure our needs were met. She made our Real Estate transactions a pleasant experience, helping us every step of the way, even well beyond closing”
~ Forrest and Julie Stover

“Selling a home can be a stressful situation. After having our home on the market for over a year, we listed with Janet and our home sold two weeks later. Further, she handled the issues that arose in a calm and professional manner.”
~ David and Kara Dunn

“Janet went above and beyond the call of duty to help us sell our house. Her knowledge of the real estate process is superb. She worked tirelessly to help us bring our closing to fruition even when the buyers were struggling to obtain the financing needed. She even offered one of her mortgage lenders to help the buyers obtain financing and ultimately saved our sale.”

“Janet is very professional which was evident from the moment she entered our house to evaluate our potential listing. She is very, very thorough and meticulous in the processing and disseminating of the information regarding the listing. Within a day of us signing the listing agreement our information was all over the internet (zillow for example) and on her personal website.”

“Would we recommend Janet’s services – unconditionally yes!”
~ Lucas Moersdorf

“We found Janet by looking on Zillow to see what price range of properties she was selling and had sold already. When we met she talked through her plan of how she would market our property and would present us with a Marketing Plan. This was comprehensive and well thought out.”

“When the house went on the market we had a buyer in 3 weeks. Before we bought the house it was on the market for 18 months.”

“During the contract stages Janet was exceedingly helpful and pulled in various contractors and specialists to address points raised in the home inspection. She also advised on what we should push back on as unreasonable and what we should agree to.”

“Even as we closed Janet went above and beyond. We had already moved out of the area when the contract closed. Our movers could have been a lot better as they left some items at the house. Without being asked, Janet went through the house checking for what had been left behind, collected up the items and met with a family member to pick them up.”

“The main question to ask is ‘Would we use Janet again?’. We won’t hesitate to work with her again as she is one of the few people that goes the extra mile and gets the job done.”
~ Justin Hudd

“Janet was extremely professional, well prepared, and executed a comprehensive marketing plan for us that resulted in getting 2 contracts on our home within 6 days of the listing date! She also followed up throughout the process to ensure a smooth transaction with inspection(s), appraisal, and closing. I would, without a doubt, recommend Janet 100% of the time to anyone that is looking for a Realtor to help with buying or selling a home!”
~ Jason Burger

“Thank you so much for all your help and support during the purchase of our new home! Your expert advice, professionalism & prompt response to all our questions were greatly appreciated. You will be highly recommended by us to anyone! We wish you continued success & happiness. Our sincerest appreciation & gratitude.”
~ Tyler & Nickky Vanderhorst