Waterfront Specialist

Over the last 24 years Janet has developed an in-depth knowledge of the lakefront properties in Knoxville and the surrounding areas, from living, working, and helping clients build their dream homes.


The lakes in this area are governed by Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). A number of things are taken into consideration when building on the water, several of which require a permit. Flood lines cannot be crossed, even for building structures like swimming pools, without prior approval. Docks, and whether or not they can be built, are also regulated by TVA. Some properties are dockable but some are not. Often the size of the dock and location of the property in regards to the lake navigational channel will be contributing factors. In some areas TVA also controls whether or not trees can be removed from the property. Many factors come into play so you need an agent experienced and knowledgeable about everything lakefront!

Let Janet guide you through your lakefront purchase or help you sell your existing lakefront home.

Work With Janet

I work with Buyers & Sellers in all price brackets and believe I have a reputation for professionalism, integrity, and a commitment to placing the needs of my clients first.